Our New Website is LIVE!!! And it’s FAST!

Our New WebsiteWe are happy to finally have our new website online.

We are proud of what we have achieved with it, as it is now one of the fastest loading websites in Australia!

The framework that we are using is the exact framework that we are now rolling out for all of our clients, and it offers an excellent way to manage content, is mobile responsive, extremely SEO friendly and has blazing fast speeds!


See the score that we achieved over at GTMetrix which puts us in an elite category of website and server development.

Our website loads in less than 1 second.

Our requests are extremely low.

Although our website is loaded full of media, our website is compressed to only 193KB of data on page load.

Fast Website Speed

As you can see from the comparison with our competitors below, our website is faster and uses far less system resources in every aspect.

Our page loads an average of 4 seconds faster.

Our website is compressed to an average 10% of the size.

Our website makes about 10% of the requests to ours and other servers.

Website Speed Comparison