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Google Penalty

Have you lost your rankings?

More and more people are finding their websites dissapearing from search results, with no idea how or why it happened. While other websites continue to soar to the top of page 1.

This can be due to many factors, but the important thing to remember is that it can be fixed.

For many who have experienced a penalty, it is mostly due to poor quality inbound linking from previous search engine optimisation, or a poor website structure or technology that is holding their website back.

Why am I penalised?

Google’s algorithm is ever-evolving, with one goal in sight; to give the most relevant search results to each user.

So all that Google wants is your website to be engaging to a user and have high authority links pointing to your website.

Mass links from international sources are out and quality is in!

Bad Link Removal
Google Penalty Recovery

A better experience for all

By offering a quality user experience, you are not only going to achieve better rankings, but you will appear far more authoritative in your local market.

Coupled with the inclusion of high quality relevant links, you will see more traffic than your pre-penalty stage.

The Link Assessment

The most common cause of your penalty is the links pointing to your website. If you have lost rankings, this is most likely the major, if not the only contributor.

We identify each link pointing to your website, and evaluate each one based on an authority score. Once we have collected all of the data, we commence our cleanup and restoration process.

Our link assessment is very involved and covers all of your backlink profile. We assess all links, based on how natural, relevant, authoritative and trusted they are for your industry.

Backlink Analysis

The Link Removal

We contact all of your existing link providers and request link removal. This ensures no low quality backlink or footprints are linking back to your website.

Where possible, we will also remove links that we can control.

Bad link removal is a very involved process, but it is essential to remove any links from undesired websites and properties.

Google Disavow Links Tool

The Disavow

Obviously we cannot remove every single link naturally. Some links may of been built with spam software, or some webmasters just choose not to listen to our requests.

Once we have removed most of the links manually, we will create a custom disavow list and submit it to Google.

This list contains the links that are harmful to your website, that are unable to be removed, for exclusion from search results.

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