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As a business owner, you know that a web page is a very important tool because it is an online storefront for your business.

You are obviously searching around for an SEO Brisbane expert and that is how you landed on this particular web page.

You arrived at this page through a keyword search which is similar to the work that we undertake to have your page ranked in Google and other major search engines.

As you can see, we are able to rank our own web page on page 1 of Google, for multiple city keywords worldwide, not just Brisbane.

SEO Services Results

Brisbane CBD

The right SEO agency

Brisbane is one of the most rapidly growing capital cities in Australia when you take a look at both the population and employment opportunities.

Many of the residents of Brisbane are young, have a solid educational background and good skill sets that are in demand by today’s employer.

Over the last ten years, Brisbane has grown at a rapid pace at a rate of about 2.2 % with more than 440,000 people moving to the area, increasing the population to more than 2.1 million.

A large percentage of this population growth is attributable to the immigration of people from overseas and across the country.

  • “I was referred to Paul and traditionally did the “I will source other quotes and companies as well”, but should not have wasted my time. Paul not only creatively designed my website but company logo as well, and in only 2 months, he has achieved first page rankings in key word searches. He is well priced, very talented and extremely dedicated in his work and in understanding and achieving what I wanted for my business.”
    Nicole Yates
    Sue Bertalmio, Melbourne
  • “Paul helped review our original website and showed us a few steps that we needed to take to improve our exposure, accessibility and our sales funnel. We hired his services for a CMS change while maintaining our current theme, and updated our sales funnel. Our traffic and enquiries drastically increased in the first 3 weeks from almost 0 and now we are hiring him again for his SEO services.”
    marcus troutman
    Marcus Troutman, California
  • “Paul truly is an expert in his field!”
    Linda Bray
    Linda Bray, West Virginia
  • “Our original website for one of our projects was very outdated and was not performing at all. We hired Paul’s company to redevelop a new website and update our content/copy, including on page SEO. Within the first few weeks our leads have gone through the roof and we now have a great presence.
    david lewis
    David Lewis, New York
  • “Paul helped us with our reputation management, and was able to identify areas that we needed to work on in our business. These have proved to be extremely valuable for us. Many thanks Paul.”
    Nicole Yates
    Nicole Yates, Florida
  • “Paul’s SEO services are second to none! We are very pleased with our results and support he gives us.”
    Richard Lancaster
    Richard Lancaster, Seattle
  • “SEO Marketing Profits is now the only company that we use for all of our clients projects. They have proven to offer us and our clients great results.”
    Carlos Nguyen
    Carlos Nguyen, Philadelphia
  • “Paul is very insightful about online marketing and you can very quickly identify that he uses ethical and sustainable SEO practices. He seems to be very “clued up” with where Search is headed.”
    Jason Farrer
    Jason Farrer, San Diego
  • “We hired Paul based on a referral from a friend and have been extremely impressed with the results we have achieved.”
    Julian Young
    Julian Young, San Diego
  • “After obtaining multiple quotes for a website redesign for one of our clients, we chose SEO Marketing Profits based on the professional layout and itemizing on their proposal. This has carried through into the website and the results that we are achieving with it. A++”
    Ricky Liverman
    Ricky Liverman, San Diego
  • “Paul is an excellent communicator and knows his work really well. Highly recommend for any Marketing Consultation.”
    Shawn Bell
    Shawn Bell, Massachusetts

Custom Brisbane SEO

We are SEO Brisbane specialists and understand how to rank your web page correctly and without penalty based on high authority local techniques.

You may have heard of high authority link building.

It is the practice of sending industry specific links from highly trusted and relevant websites to your deepest pages. With well structured and socially shareable content, this means your website link profile appears natural and encourages natural social activity on your website.

Google does not like too many backlinks being built too quickly and so if this is happening with your page, then you are going to be punished by being de-indexed!

This is the worst possible scenario, so choose someone who knows Brisbane SEO and will rank your page correctly using the right tools, their own expertise and Brisbane related link building practices.

Brisbane SEO Agency

SEO Brisbane is an important process, so you need to hire an SEO specialist that is experienced and understands the process of getting your web page ranked without penalty.

Your web page is never going to be seen if it is buried in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

Think about it – when you do a keyword search, do you look at page 2, page 3, page 4, or beyond? No, most people do not because they are focused on the results of the first page of results.

search engine optimsation

Does your website need SEO?

The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is more complicated, but there are so many different factors that all contribute to how your web page is ranked.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important factor because if your page is not seen on page one when a search is done for the keyword you are using then your competitors are stealing business right out from under you.

You want your web page to show up in all of the search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Proper optimisation, increases traffic, getting your page in front of people and increasing its rank and popularity. This will have people sharing your content on social media and getting you even more traffic!

You need to choose a Brisbane SEO agency that knows how to approach the issue of increasing your rank with proper optimisation.

They will begin by taking a closer look at your website content and the quality, readability and share-ability of it. This increases many onsite factors such as visitor duration, sharing and page views.

You want your website to stand apart from the websites of your competition.

When you hire a professional who understands Brisbane SEO they will undertake keyword research that will find targeted keywords that will increase traffic to your content on specific pages.

They also have tools that they can use to have a look at the keywords of your competitors (keyword spy tools) to find out which keywords you can use to get even more traffic coming to your site.

Brisbane Botanical Gardens
SEO Audit

Why hire a Brisbane SEO Agency?

As a business owner, you have plenty to worry about without having to think about ranking your website. There is a lot to know and to learn when it comes to being an expert in SEO and most business owners do not have the time to learn every detail.

The entire concept is front end heavy which means that you must spend a lot of time in the beginning learning about how the various methods and how to properly implement them.

If you make a mistake or do something the wrong way, you risk ending up in the dreaded Google Sandbox. In addition to that, Google is constantly changing their algorithm which means if your site does not measure up to the standards that they are setting with their latest release, your site could still be de-indexed.

As a business owner, you simply do not have the time to stay on top of the constantly changing rules of Google.

What you need to do is hire a Brisbane SEO Agency that can take care of all of these details for you so that you can carry on with what you do best – run your business!

How do you find the right SEO Brisbane Expert?

It can be a major task to find the right expert for SEO Brisbane but you can definitely start by asking business associates for referrals.

Ask any agency you are considering for referrals and be sure to take a look at any work that they have done. It is very important to find someone who has experience and the health of your website in mind!

Once you find the right agency, you can work with them to determine a suitable budget as well as managing your marketing costs. If you would like more information, please contact us by filling out an application to access your free consultation.

We will have a telephone discussion with you for between 45 and 60 minutes to determine your needs and if we are a good fit.

We guarantee that we will get you on top of page one!

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